08 Feb 2024

Minimise your tax bill before the tax year end

As the 2023-24 tax year draws to a close, now is the time for Leeds based businesses of all sizes to look at ways of trying to reduce their tax bill through efficient tax year-end planning. Below are several tax planning strategies businesses should consider.

11 Jan 2024

What are the exit options for business owners?

Exiting a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) can be a significant turning point for business owners. Deciding to step away requires careful planning and consideration of various exit strategies.

18 Dec 2023

Why Leeds businesses should use an independent accountancy firm

Leeds, known for its dynamic economy and diverse business landscape, has become a hub for enterprises ranging from innovative start-ups to large multi-national corporations.

07 Dec 2023

Which business trading model is right for me?

With the changes to NICs, dividend allowances and corporation tax rates, now is an excellent time to review whether you would be better off operating as a sole trader or a limited company.

16 Nov 2023

A guide to the changes in the tax year basis period

In a move likely to reshape the financial landscape for self-employed individuals and partnerships in the UK, the government is set to change the tax year basis period from April 2024. In addition to complying with these new rules, the change could significantly impact how much tax individuals have to pay.

08 Nov 2023

Factors to consider when selling a business

Selling a business is a big decision that requires careful planning and consideration. Whether you've built a successful small enterprise or managed a large company, selling a business based in Leeds or Rochdale can be complex and challenging. To help guide you through this process, we have identified the key factors to consider when selling a business.

20 Oct 2023

Going over the VAT threshold – what you need to know

For smaller businesses in Leeds and Rochdale, crossing the Value Added Tax (VAT) threshold is a significant milestone. Whether you're a small startup, a growing enterprise, or an established company, surpassing this threshold comes with responsibilities and opportunities.

10 Oct 2023

How to manage business cash flow

Cash flow management is critical to running successful businesses in Leeds and Rochdale. It involves monitoring, analysing, and optimising the inflow and outflow of cash to ensure your business stays financially healthy.

18 Aug 2023

Can a part-time finance director benefit my business?

For many companies in Leeds and Rochdale, the role of a finance director is fundamental in steering their financial health and growth.

08 Aug 2023

The benefits of filing your income tax return early

Income Tax return? That’s not due until the end of January we hear you say!

19 Jul 2023

How to Start a Business in Leeds

With extensive knowledge of helping entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses, in this blog, DWilkinson&Company provides some great advice for budding entrepreneurs in Leeds on how to start a business.

23 Jun 2023

Why you should outsource your bookkeeping and payroll

Efficient financial management is vital for any business, regardless of size or industry. Bookkeeping and payroll processes are critical components that demand accuracy and attention to detail. However, handling these tasks in-house can be time-consuming, complex, and prone to errors.

19 May 2023

How to maximise salary, dividend, or bonuses

April 2023 marked a significant turning point for tax rates in the United Kingdom, particularly concerning dividends and corporation tax for owner-managed companies. In this article, we will delve into the key alterations to tax rates that have taken effect from April 2023 and explore their implications for director shareholders in the UK.

09 May 2023

New Rochdale premises for expanding accountancy practice

DWilkinson&Company is celebrating the success of its expansion of accountancy and business advisory services into the Rochdale area with the move to new, larger purpose-built premises.

21 Apr 2023

Using management accounts to improve profitability

Management accounts are a set of financial statements which help business owners and managers monitor the financial performance of their businesses. Monthly management accounts are a vital tool for business owners to make informed decisions, evaluate performance, and plan for the future.

31 Mar 2023

The benefits of transferring to MTD for Income Tax software sooner rather than later

Making Tax Digital for Income Tax and Self Assessment (MTD for ITSA) will significantly change how some taxpayers file their income tax returns.

08 Nov 2022

Problems with Online Accounting

Over recent years hundreds of thousands of businesses have moved from desktop accounting packages to cloud based online accounting software.

28 Sep 2022

Key points from the Autumn 2022 Mini Budget

Initially described as a ‘Mini Budget’, The Chancellor’s announcements on Friday 23 September were anything but ‘mini’!

27 Jun 2022

July increase in National Insurance threshold

From 6 July 2022, the National Insurance Contribution (NIC) threshold will be increased to the same level as the current income tax threshold which is £12,570. During the 2021-22 tax year the NIC threshold was £9,568, so this will be a significant change.

01 Jun 2022

The employers guide to P11Ds

If you employ staff and you pay for their expenses and/or additional benefits, you are legally required to submit an annual P11D form to HMRC. The same also applies to company directors.

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